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A regenerative initiative led by African American community leaders and residents.

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RBC and Chase will be presenting our Home Ownership Series 101: Understanding your “Why / Are You Ready to Be a Homeowner?”

RBC’s Mission

To restore historically Black neighborhoods stifled by years of disinvestment, disenfranchisement and economic instability. Restoration takes place through the organization’s focus on increasing financial literacy; pooling and directing resources into underserved communities; cultivating potential entrepreneurs and workforce contributors; bolstering small businesses; engaging communities to stimulate positive and sustainable change and serving as the connective tissue between communities and organizations seeking to help.

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2020 Personal Taxes – Are You Prepared – Last Year was a Doozy

Provide people tips, tricks, and reminders in preparation for filing their 2020 taxes. 2020 had credits (including CARE Act payments), unemployment benefits, etc. 



Blackboard TV & RBC Talk Finances

Generational Wealth; Finance Building; Meeting of the Minds! 



Black Houses Matter

The Cook County Treasurer’s Office has launched a new initiative called “Black Houses Matter” with the goal of helping save homeowners in the black community. Cook County homeowners are missing out on $76 million in available property tax refunds & $46 million in missing exemptions  



2020 Business Taxes – Get Prepared; Don’t Block Your Future Growth

Provide business owners tips, tricks, and reminders in preparation for filing their 2020 taxes. 2020 had PPP loans, grants, city-state-federal support.  Make sure you do the right thing so the IRS doesn’t come knocking on your door. 

Let me tell you something. I’m from Chicago. I don’t break.

- Barack Obama

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